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How did Biuf become a Skateboarding Dog?

Biuf (pronounced “be-youf”) is no ordinary dog, in fact, he was the runt of a littler in Lima, Peru.  Supposedly, English Bulldogs are known to be sedentary and lazy, boy were we fooled!  It is important to note that my husband and I are not professional dog trainers nor skateboarders.

When he was just 5 months old, Biuf started barking like crazy at all the kids in the neighborhood who skateboarded by him.  We assumed it was the noise that scared him, and started our Google research, and were stunned to learn about bulldogs that skateboard, like Tillman (current Guiness record holder for fastest skateboarding dog in the world) and Otto, who Biuf met when he was a puppy and gave us some tips.

We decided to put Biuf on top of a skateboard, and that is were the story begins.  It was in these crucial months (6 months – 1 year) that Biuf really developed his ability to ride.  He is obsessed with the skateboard.  He started off gnawing at it–the board itself and the wheels.  He would spend 95% of the time eating the board, and 5% of the time trying to ride it.  Over those six months, slowly and surly his obsession converted from eating the board (much to do with his teeth growing in), to riding on top of it.  Biuf eats, sleeps and lives skateboarding.  As his parents, we gave him the time and space to play with the board, and he has taught himself nearly everything he knows.

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Biuf’s Mission

It is physically impossible to not smile when seeing a dog skateboard.  Biuf, doing what he loves doing, brings joy to those around him.  He spreads happiness wherever he is.

Biuf lives in Peru, a country diverse in geography, people and culture.  Despite Peru’s economic growth and political stability, it remains a country struggling with poverty.  Biuf spreads smiles throughout the country, among all people.  One of the reasons we love dogs so much is that they do not judge, and they love unconditionally all those that offer their love.

Education is also an important mission for Biuf.  In Peru, and much of Latin America, many dogs are not treated as pets and often starved and abandoned.  Biuf promotes the importance of taking care of dogs and shares stories of love and compassion through his facebook page, El Biuf.

Lastly, Biuf is committed to building a community of skater dogs, to promote the health and wellness of dogs, and because skateboarding dogs are simply AWESOME! In Peru, we have started a club where up to 20 bulldogs meet weekly and try to skate.  Now, we are excited to extend the community globally, and are excited to share photos, videos and tips with other skateboarding dog owners and those interested in learning!

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Biuf, the skateboarding dog from Peru, shares his favorite skater photos and bulldog pictures

How to Teach a Dog to Skateboard

This can apply to any dog, at any age, BUT you will have a much greater chance of success if the dog is less than a year old, and if it is an English Bulldog.  I have seen other dogs skate that are not English bulldogs (watch Jumpy), but Jumpy is a very special case.

How to teach a dog to skateboard

Step 1: Finding the right skateboard.

It is really important you get a wide skateboard that you do not care that it gets destroyed.  The dog WILL destroy the skateboard. You have to look for those old-school type boards with the wide decks, with a decent truck and large wheels, as shown in picture.  If you are a skateboarding company that sells these, please contact us!



How to teach a dog to skateboard

Step 2: Let the dog become familiarized with the skateboard

It is ideal that the dog be a puppy (starting at 5 or 6 months), but any dog can try!  He/she will most likely bite the deck of the skateboard–especially if at the age of teething.  The pup may even try to eat the deck, or nibble at the wheels.  That is OK!  Do NOT punish the dog for biting the board or trying to flip the skateboard upside…this means that the dog is interested, it’s a great sign!  You may spend 1-2 weeks just taking the dog outside and letting him run around getting familiarized with the skateboard.  Encourage the dog`s interest!


How to teach a dog to skateboard

Step 3: Put the dog on top of the skateboard and push slowly

The idea here is to help the dog understand that it can be on top of the skateboard, while it is moving.  It will probably jump off immediately, and that is OK.  Just keep repeating. Make sure that all four paws are on top, and hold/guide his body while pushing the skateboard forward.  Our dog, Biuf was at this stage for over a month, before he started riding it alone, so be patient (he was about 6 months old at the time).  Be sure to keep practicing at least twice a week!



How to teach a dog to skateboard

Step 4: Start to let your dog ride on its own

It is not going to happen every time, but after putting your dog on the skateboard, start to let him go on his own.  If he/she is still a puppy, the pup will probably ride and try to bite the skateboard simultaneously.  Again, this is OK, this habit will go away as he/she starts to get older and stops teething.  Encourage your dog every time he does it right, even if it is just for a second.  But please, understand not all dogs (not even all bulldogs) enjoy skateboarding, so if after two months the dog shows no interest, it might be time to throw in the towel.


How to teach a dog to skateboard

Step 5: Keep Hydrated

It is especially important that English Bulldogs keep drinking water. If it is warm outside, you should put water below their necks as well, and they need to rest often.  It can be dangerous for a dog, especially bulldogs if they become dehydrated, read more about signs your dog is dehydrated.  Always bring water while the dog skates, and avoid skateboarding in hot weather.



How to teach a dog to skateboard

Step 6: Reward with Love

Skateboarding is not a chore for the dog, it is a passion.  When he or she does it right, do not start giving them treats, instead, reward with affection.  Skateboarding should be a reward of its own, and if your dog does not like to do it, then its probably time to try a new hobby.  The easiest way to tell if your dog will be a skateboarding dog is if it shows any interest in the skateboard itself…even if it cannot ride it, but enjoys chasing or playing with the skateboard, he could be the next skater dog! So be patient, and keep trying. Don’t get frustrated, and keep showing your dog how much you love him (or her)!


How to teach a dog to skateboard

Step 7: Teach dog to not touch the skateboard when upside-down

Bulldogs especially become very over protective of their skateboards.  They are, in general, very selfish animals.  It is important to teach the dog not to touch the skateboard when it is upside down.  This is helpful if there are a lot of people and kids around, because it may be the only way you can calm your dog down, rest, or pose for a photo!



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Biuf and his parents: Ivan Juscamaita and Kelly Cronin

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